Easy Ways To Maintain Your Concrete Curbs And Gutters

Concrete curbs and gutters are very important, especially in areas heavy rains, as they perform the task of draining water away to prevent flooding. Homes usually have concrete curbs and gutters installed on the sides of pavements and sidewalks, and they come in handy when those pesky storms come along. Unfortunately, concrete deteriorates over time, requiring repairs, and gutters can get clogged up, leading to water backing up onto the sidewalk. Here is a look at the importance of concrete curbs and gutters and how you can maintain them.

Why concrete curbs are important

Anyone who has pavements or driveways in their building knows that concrete curbs and gutters are indispensable, as they both add curb appeal to the home or office and also serve to collect water, reducing flooding. Collected water goes through the drains, reducing the possibility of damage to the pavements due to pooling. Curbs also protect the pavement walls, preventing water from seeping through them, which could cause cracking or bending of the paving material.

Concrete curbs and drains also serve to strengthen the pavement as they fortify the borders, increasing its primary stiffness and potency. Having concrete curbs installed on your parking lot, pavement or driveway can ensure they become more uniform and stay protected from rainwater and heavy loads.

Maintaining your curbs and gutters

In order to ensure that your concrete curbs and gutters remain functional and don't deteriorate over time, you must clean and  maintain them regularly. Debris and trash can easily obstruct your gutters and must be swept away to prevent water from pooling and flooding your driveway—especially when a serious storm comes rolling through your neighborhood. Plants and weeds can also grow on cracks and crevices along the curbs, causing damage to your pavement as well as obstructing water flow through your drains. Constant weeding and cleaning of your curbs and drains can help control this problem as well as prevent serious damage to the caps.

Damage to your curbs and gutters can be caused by excessive rain, snow or even plant roots. Should you notice any surface cracking or bending on the concrete, call in a competent paving company like Northern Asphalt LLC to do the necessary repairs, as even the smallest crack can deteriorate to a more serious problem and necessitate costly repairs. Timely repairs will also ensure that your entire concrete pavement remains intact, saving you from having to pay for paving replacements later on.

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