Design A Multi-Tasking Fence

You want your fence to do it all. The fence should afford your privacy in your yard, but it shouldn't feel like a barrier. You want fencing from a place like Arbor Fence Co Inc that's stylish and adds curb appeal, but still does its main job of protecting your yard. Consider the following ideas for a multi-tasking fence.

Living Fence

A living fence is an attractive, even welcoming design that still affords you privacy. A living fence consists of espalier, or training plants to grow flat against a structure. Start by having a wooden structure installed to your target height. Better Homes and Gardens suggests a frame with wires drawn across, though any type of fence works. Plant a series of dwarf trees arm's length apart, securing them to the support. As they grow, continue securing them to the support structure, criss-crossing their branches so they create the desired level of concealment.  

Picket Fence

If a living fence seems like it will take too long to afford you privacy, consider a picket fence with landscaping. Picket fences are a classic welcoming sign, but alone they don't conceal much. However, you can plant creeping shrubs such as jasmine or roses, and train them over the fence itself. Include a matching arbor with a gate for a structure that both welcomes guests and keeps your yard secure.

Double Slats

Perhaps you like the idea of combining landscaping with your fencing, but a little more privacy is needed. In that case, consider a slatted fence. Have it installed to the desired height with the slats set fairly wide apart. Include permanent planters in the same slatted design on the inside of your fence. Plant any kind of ornamental plant inside. You'll have a living fence that doesn't take months or even years to finish, yet you'll also have more privacy than with a picket fence.

Lattice Panels

Landscaping isn't the only way to make your fence welcoming as it protects. Consider a design element such as lattice panels. Lattice panels can be installed anywhere in traditional wood fencing. Curves of latticework can adorn the top of your fence. Alternatively, have the panels installed vertically so they open up small portions of your yard to the outside. Another option is having a latticework decoration installed above a gate. The delicate design of lattice adds a welcoming twist to a privacy fence.

As you plan your new fencing, consider how you can make it both welcoming and protective. Plants, design and accessories transform your fence into one that does double duty.

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