2 Of The Easiest Ways To Remodel And Update Your Walls

Remodeling your home does not have to require a lot of money if you just know how to do some basic updates that will change the look of your home. Here are 2 ways to remodel your home simply by changing your walls.


First, updating your baseboards can completely change the look of your home. Most homes have been built with traditional baseboards unless they were built in the past few years. Traditional baseboards have ridges and a beautiful design, but they are not nearly as modern as craftsman baseboards.

The craftsman style is much simpler and more modern. The boards are completely flat, and they overlap each other in the corners of doors and hallways.

For example, the top board along a bedroom door will extend a couple of inches outward past the door frame, and then the vertical boards leading up to the top of the door will stop right at the top board. This gives the door an elongated look without any fancy materials.

If you do not want to completely replace your old baseboards, then consider painting them white to give a nice contrast to your walls. Wood stained boards look very outdated, and adding paint is an easy solution to make your home seem newer.

The only downside to painting is that you have to tape along the carpet and flooring and on the wall above the boards so that the paint does not bleed. Taping can be tedious, but is well worth it if your home looks newer in the end.

Wall Stencils

Another way to update your walls is by adding wall stencils or textured wallpaper that looks like stencils. If you choose to do a stencil or design, they buy the stencil and tape it to your wall before painting. Hold the stencil in place as you paint as well so that none of the thin edges lift up.

You can give your home a vintage look, a geometric look, or something more modern just by using a stencil. 

Wallpaper will also help your walls to look more modern if you choose something updated. Avoid floral prints and flat wallpaper. Instead, try adding paper that looks more like a texture or that looks like you painted a stencil on your wall. Many types of wallpaper can be stuck to your wall and peeled away easily, so this works best if you want to change things often.

By using one of these options, you can easily update and remodel your home without spending a lot of money. For more options about easy remodeling tricks, contact a company like Bob Carroll Building Contractor.

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