Modern Improvements For French Doors Allow You To Enjoy This Beautiful Classic Style

French doors are highly decorative doors that feature multiple small panes of glass framed individually to create a door that offers both light and ornament. They are used both indoors and outdoors, and typically feature two door panels that come together and latch. In fact, they are a big favorite as an exterior door, particularly in areas that lead to a decorative patio or garden. Today's French doors are modernized and offer some great new innovations to make them more efficient and safe.

Multiple Panes

The traditional French doors featured single panes of glass, which made the doors inefficient at keeping out cold or heat. Today's French doors can come with double or triple panes that will block out the chill or heat. They can be a great source of passive solar energy, thanks to the sheer amount of light they let in, but keep out the drafts very well indeed.

Better Security

Since the typical French doors usually only featured the two doors coming together and being enclosed by a single clasp or knob, they could be broken into fairly easily.

Today's modern versions offer multiple locks and locking systems that can ensure a much stronger and secure door without compromising the traditional beauty and style of the French door.

Better Hardware

The high quality hardware of today can be customized specifically for these types of doors. Since these doors are opened and closed in a unique way, they often have trouble with hinges and clasps. However, today's better hardware offers sturdy design and stronger metals to ensure that these doors will open and shut smoothly for years.

Professional Installation

Today's door installation companies can ensure that both sides of the French door are hung carefully and with precision. Unlike many old French doors that were installed by the homeowner and were ill fitted to the frame, modern professional installation offers a superior fit.

When you have French doors installed by professionals, you also get a guarantee of quality that you don't get when you do it yourself. The door frames are often custom made to ensure that the doors fit well and operate smoothly.

With so many upgrades and modern improvements on this old favorite, you can enjoy the antique style of the beloved French door without the security risks or inefficiency. If you want to enjoy a beautiful, light filled door that will enhance the inside and outside of the home, French doors are it. For more information, contact a local door installation company, like The Door and Window Store.

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