Make Your Home A Safe Place For Your New Puppy

If you're getting a new puppy you are in for some great adventures! You'll find that you have made a wonderful friend who will adore you and give you total loyalty. Get your home and your family ready for your new dog by taking these steps.

Establish Rules - Before you bring your puppy home, establish boundaries and be sure your children know that they'll be helping to take care of their new buddy. Even little hands can help!

  • Where will the puppy sleep? If he gets to sleep in somebody's bed, consider making that child be the one who has to take him out each night and every morning for the puppy's potty break. 
  • Will the puppy be allowed on the furniture? If not, consider having a bed for each place where your family gathers. Dogs are happiest when they are in a social setting.
  • Will you be taking the puppy to obedience school? If not, consider reading up on dog training even before you get your puppy. Dogs are super smart and they learn that, when they learn a command, they will be rewarded. Easy! But it takes time and patience, too.

Provide Safety - Getting ready for a puppy is like preparing the house for a toddler!

  • Make sure that dangerous products are not in reach of your dog. 
  • Be aware of which foods can harm your dog. In addition, be sure your children understand that table food is not a good diet for your dog. Your veterinarian can give you a good plan for your dog's nutrition.
  • Get a fence.

Can you imagine how tragic it would be for your dog to run out and get hit by a car? Just as bad would be for him to run away, never seeing him again. If you want something beautiful to put around your house, there are wonderful options. An old-fashioned white picket fence is charming. Or you could choose a brick fence which would add sophistication to your home. If you want a gorgeous and dramatic look, consider stone.

While these will all last a very long time, plan on spending more money on them than you would a metal fence. Metal fences are not only less expensive, but they are also very durable. The great part about having a fence is that, not only will your dog and your children be safer, but intruders won't be able to get onto your property. (For more information, contact American Secured Fence)

Congratulations on getting ready for your new puppy!

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