Plan Your New Home Addition With An Eye For Automation

A renovation, new addition, or remodel gives you a lot of opportunities for adding automation to your home. Of course, there are many home automation features you can take advantage of as-is. But new construction gives you the ability to plan it ahead of time instead of trying to figure out how to add it later.  

What You Can Automate

These days, you can automate just about anything with a digital component. There are even smartphone apps that allow you to control your home automation features remotely. The more robust automation features require professional wiring. That's why they're worth considering when you're planning a renovation. Lighting and window treatments are perfect examples of what automation can do for your space.

Automatic Lighting – Of all the automation features out there, lights are probably the most well known. Planning with automation in mind allows you to choose the kind of professional statement lighting that you don't often see in residential homes.

For example, you can line a wall or ceiling with recessed lighting. With automation features, you can have the lights,

  • Come on or go off at specific times
  • Brighten or dim depending on the time of day
  • Program specific light patterns for mood and atmosphere
  • Detect when someone is in the space or not
  • Make the lights voice or motion activated

There are many more things you can do as well, depending on the kind of automation setup you decide to use. The important part is to have the new construction wired properly by a professional so you can take advantage of any of the automation schemes that are available.

Motorized blinds or shades – Many motorized window treatments come with automation features. Some have presets designed specifically for when you're away. They can open during the day and close at night. Or, they can spend the entire day closing in increments. Some also offer random patterns. You can contact a local blind center, such as Park City Blind & Design, to find the options available.

  • They're convenient
  • They add value and elegance
  • They help conserve energy

The most robust motorized window treatment systems require your new addition to have the proper wiring for them. Sellers of these systems often also do installations as well. If your contractor is familiar with motorized window treatments, he can do the installation for you.

Explore Your Options Further

Lights and window treatments can do a lot for your new space, but depending on what you're adding, you may want even more. There are automation options for many things, some more expensive to implement than others.

There are also options for plug-in versions of many automation systems, but they typically lack features. However, if you're adding a space or renovating one on a really tight budget, you can try out a plug-in system to see if it works for you.

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