2 Questions To Ask About Custom Gates

Getting custom gates can be an exciting process. You are adding value, safety, and individuality to a home that you already have fallen in love with. Unfortunately, there are a few questions that, should they go unanswered, might leave you and your family with a problem on your hands. Here are a few questions to ask about customer gates that can make sure that they remain a positive addition to your property and a beloved part of your home. 

Is It Still Safe? 

Many gates are not purely for decoration. Due to the amount of valuable items on your property or just the neighborhood that you live in, it might be a necessity to have a gate. In wanting to customize this needed aspect of your grounds, you want to make sure that you don't compromise the safety that the gate was originally meant to provide.

For example, if you are using the initial of your last name as part of your gate customization, does the letter provide room for someone to e able to squeeze through and get onto your property? Could a child or pet get through and endanger themselves by entering a busy street? Do spaces in the gates rails for the sake of decoration weaken the integrity of the entire gate? 

Understanding whether or not your customized gate will continue to be safe is critical when thinking up designs for your new, custom gates. 

Is It User-Friendly? 

Getting caught up in the idea of having your own custom gates can take your thoughts away from how easy the gate will be to use. Especially with hand-operated gates, you need to be careful of the material that you want the gate to be made out of or coated with. You want to protect your gates as much as possible from the elements so that they don't warp, rust, or succumb to any other sort of damage. At the same time, you want your gate to be one that people who should be using it and operate easily. Keys, cards, and codes are great ways to keep people out who you don't want on your property while letting people in that you do want on your property. 

The important thing is for people who need to leave the premises--in case of a fire, medical emergency, etc.--be able to do so quickly and easily. 

Make sure you ask these questions about your custom gates before they're installed so that you feel comfortable and confident that your new gates will be an asset and not a nuisance. Contact a company like Carter Fence Co for more information.

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