How To Set Up Your Rain Collection System For Potable Water Uses

Rain collection systems can be a great way to get water for many different needs. It can even give you potable water for your home, a cabin or in rural areas where water service is not available. The benefit of rain water is that the water is fairly clean and without contaminates like minerals. Here are some things that can be done to set your rain collection system up with potable water:

1. Choosing The Best Tank Designs For Rain Collection

There are many different types of tanks to choose for your rain collection systems. You will want to consider things like capacity, UV exposure and connections to your tanks. The connections and tops are important, which you will want tops that keep insects out of the collection tanks to keep the water clean. You may also want to have taps with valves and connections for equipment, such as inlet valves.

2. Treating Water To Kill Bacteria And Organisms

Treating your rain collection tanks to keep the water clean is also important. You can use chemical treatments like chlorine, or special well sanitation treatments. You always want to make sure that the treatments you use are consistent with the amount of water that you have in the storage tanks.

3. Inlet Valves That Float To Keep Debris Out Of Lines

The inlet valves inside your tank are also important. This is what types water from the tank to your plumbing lines. To reduce the amount of particles, it is best to take water from the middle of the tank where it is cleanest. This can be done with floating valves that float in the middle, taking the cleanest water. You may also want to have a pre-filter to ensure that no debris gets in the plumbing.

4. Installing Pumps, Filters And Water Purification Systems

There are also the different types of filters, pumps and water purification systems. First, you will want to have a skimmer system for gutters to remove debris like leaves from the water. You should also have filtration for inlets and outlets on the system. You will also want to have an efficient pump to provide you with water pressure and a good water purification system for final filtration.

If you want to be able to have potable water from your rain collection systems, these are some of the things that you can do. You can contact a plumbing supplies service to get all the parts you need to build a potable water system for your rain collection tanks.

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