Must-Have Accessories And Storage Ideas To Add To Your Kitchen

Your kitchen cabinets could be absolutely beautiful, but does it have good storage? Optimizing the storage space in your cabinets is key to making your kitchen a more functional and enjoyable living space. See below for some must-have accessories and storage ideas to add to your kitchen. Some of these can be added when you remodel, or added to your existing cabinets.

Pull-Out Cabinets

Add pull out/slide cabinet shelves to your kitchen. These can be added to a pantry, base cabinets and even to your upper cabinets. Slide out shelves are nice because it enables you to get to the back of the shelf without having to dig through or take out other items that are in the front. Store food items such as canned goods and spices, or store cooking items such as pots and pans or mixing bowls.


Carousels or rotating shelves are nice to have in those corner spaces. Most corner cabinets have quite a bit of dead space, as they are fairly deep and most likely do not use the space all the way in the back of that cabinet. Make the most of that space by adding rotating shelves, which can take up the entire cabinet, making the corner cabinet a more useful space.

Under The Cabinet Wastebasket

Add an under the cabinet wastebasket near your cooking space. This can help make cooking and cleanup a little easier. This way you don't have to walk across the room to throw something away. Add a recycling basket as well behind your wastebasket so you can sort your recycling.

Pot And Pan Storage

Add vertical storage dividers to a lower cabinet to store your baking pans. The vertical dividers allow your pans to stay upright and you can pull out your pans without several falling out on you. For your other pots and pans (and lids), you can add wire pull out storage shelves. The special wire storage allows your pan lids and pots/pans stored so you can easily see and find everything you need.

Additional Storage

You may have some dead space in your kitchen, such as the area next to your refrigerator or the island in your kitchen. Add a narrow cabinet next to your refrigerator to store cleaning supplies such as brooms, dustpans and mops. Add side drawers to your kitchen island to store serving ware such as bowls, plates or platters. You can also use the space inside of one of your kitchen upper cabinet doors to add a dry-erase board or a chalkboard so use for a command center, menu planning or for reminders.

Make the most of your kitchen cabinets by adding accessories and storage solutions to make life a little easier in your kitchen. For more ideas, contact companies like Red River Granite. 

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