How To Clean And Maintain Your New Stamped Concrete Walkway

Now that your new stamped concrete walkway has been installed, it is very important that you regularly clean and properly maintain it. Additionally, there are some things you should do to preserve its surface so that it will not become stained or damaged in any way.

Follow this procedure to properly clean, maintain, and preserve your new stamped concrete walkway's look and structural integrity for many years to come.

Cleaning and Maintaining Stamped Concrete Walkways

Cleaning your stamped concrete walkway is a very easy and straightforward process. You should take the time to clean the walkway at least once each spring and again in the fall. Start by brushing the entire walkway with a stiff broom. Take care to remove as much dirt and dust as possible from the surface.

Mix a teaspoon of liquid dish soap into a bucket of warm water. Stir up the water and then dump it in a line along the inside of the walkway. Using your stiff broom, scrub the walkway to remove any dirt from the indentations of the stamping.

Liquid dish detergent is mild enough that it will not damage the sealant layer on your walkway, and yet it is strong enough to break down any oils and grease present on the walkway's surface.

Once you have scrubbed the walkway with your broom, then you should rinse off the soapy water to reveal your clean walkway. Use a fair amount of water to dilute the dish soap and it will not harm your landscaping.

Preserving Stamped Concrete Walkways

In order to preserve the look of your stamped concrete walkway, it is vital that you have it regularly sealed with a high-quality sealant that is designed for use specifically on concrete. There are many different concrete sealants available to use on your walkway. While you should opt for one made of heavy-duty polyurethane or epoxy, you can choose a matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish. Additionally, if you live in an area that has harsh winters, sealants with sand mixed in them can be used to help prevent slip-and-fall injuries on your new walkway.

For Additional Help with Stamped Concrete Walkway Care

If you need additional help to care for your new stamped concrete walkway, then you should contact a concrete contractor, such as D & R Masonry Restoration, Inc. A licensed concrete contractor is the only person who has all the skills and training to work with decorative stamped concrete products.

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