5 Reasons To Have Your Land Surveyed

There are many reasons to have your land surveyed; most legal in nature. These reasons can range anywhere from wanting to know the zoning classifications of your property to simply wanting to understand the boundaries of your property. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn a few of the reasons you should have your land surveyed.

Zoning Classifications

Although it is probably clear to you whether or not your property has been zoned for residential, commercial, or light industrial use (or some amalgamation of the three), zoning classifications can tell you so much more about your property. For example, they can tell you about specific restrictions that your property has incurred due to its specific classification. After your land has been surveyed and you have discovered its zoning classifications, you may want to consult with an attorney to ensure that no particular classifications pose a legal obstacle for anything specific you wish to do with the property.


By surveying your land, you will know precisely where your property begins and ends. This is especially useful if you wish to erect a fence, pave a driveway, or simply build an additional freestanding building on your property.

Access, Ingress and Egress

Your land survey report should give you adequate information about where there is egress and ingress allowed to public roads and streets on your property. In other words, this will tell you where you can pave a driveway to allow for exiting or entering your property. These entrances and exits must also provide adequate access for public vehicle entry. This means that emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire trucks, must be able to enter your property through some means.

Overlaps, Gores, and Gaps

These three items refer to any discrepancies that might have occurred during the surveying process between your property and your neighbor's, or otherwise your property and any public property that might be in dispute. The latter is often the case when your property runs continuously with roads, streets, highways, alleys, or any other public roadways.


It could very well be the case that there is a burial plot on your property. The survey report will reveal any heretofore unknown cemeteries on your plot.

Having your land surveyed could reveal numerous things about your property that were heretofore unknown to you. This can be useful as a legal tool and so that no discrepancies between your property and others' will arise in the future. Contact a company like Ayers Consulting, LLC for more information.

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