Three Things To Do To Protect Your Shirts From Your Countertops

If you've been finding small holes in your shirts, you might be getting more than a little creeped out at the thought of what's causing the holes. Clothes moths seem like the most obvious answer, but in many cases, the holes are in the same spots on multiple shirts -- a sign that they weren't created by moths. (The idea of a clothes moth eating only at the same spot on a shirt is rather unbelievable.) The cause, in many cases, is actually a combination of your kitchen counter and your pants' button, or a belt buckle. Here are three things to do to protect your shirts so that you can keep them in good condition.

Watch Your Posture

These holes are forming when you lean against the counter. The cloth of the shirt gets caught between the counter material and your belt buckle, jean button, or another piece of metal on your pants. Occasionally your shirt can also get caught on the rough bottom edge of the counter; this is fairly common with materials like granite. The most straightforward, but also the hardest, way to avoid this is to watch your posture as you stand at your kitchen counter. If you stay upright and don't lean forward to touch the counter's edge, you can avoid creating more holes. However, this does take practice as leaning against the counter can become a habit.

Separate Your Shirt From the Counter

If you find yourself continuing to lean against the counter, especially if you're doing something that takes time (so that your legs get tired and you end up leaning against the counter for support as you keep standing), create a barrier between your shirt and the counter. You can try wearing an apron, taping up the edge of the counter if a rough bottom edge is the culprit, or even keeping your shirt tucked in.

Change Clothes Before Cooking

If possible, you may want to change into something like sweatpants before doing anything at your kitchen counter. The lack of a metal button or a belt buckle on the pants can help preserve your shirts. If that doesn't seem to help, you can always set aside a few T-shirts to become your cooking and kitchen-use shirts. These can be old shirts that aren't going to be ruined by the addition of a few holes.

You may also want to talk to countertop installers about materials that don't have rough bottom edges, if those are causing a lot of the holes. Quartz, for example, tends to be very smooth. For more information about quartz countertops, contact a counter manufacturer in your area.     

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