Got A Brand New Truck? Keep It Looking Great For A Long Time

If you have a brand new truck, you want to keep it looking great for as long as you can. This will not only help your truck looking new, but if you want to sell it in the future you can get more money for it. Below are two things you can do, such as protecting the paint and adding a truck bed liner.

Exterior Paint

If you leave your new truck sitting in the sun most of the time, the paint will fade much quicker than it should. One way to help with this problem is to have your truck wrapped at the dealership. This is a protective coating they put on the entire truck that will not only protect it from the sun, but also protect it from road debris and bugs. Talk with the dealership about this, and ask them to do this before you bring your truck home.

Keep your truck clean, as debris from birds, bugs, and pollution sticking to the paint will damage it. You should also park your truck in a garage or under a carport. If you do not have one of these, you can purchase a vinyl cover to put over the truck.

Truck Bed Liner

If you are planning to carry a lot of things in the back of your truck, the bed will become scratched up and may even have dents on the bed. To prevent this from happening, you can have a truck bed liner installed in it.  There are different types of bed liners you can choose from.

There are drop in liners. These are made of a durable rubber and plastic and have either a textured or smooth surface. They snap onto the truck or they may have adhesive to stick to the bed.

There are also truck bed mats that are made of rubber or plastic with a textured surface. This type of truck bed liner protects the floor and keep items that you are carrying from moving around. You can easily remove this type of liner if you need to access the hitch.

Brush on liners are another option. The material is much like a paste or thick paint. It is applied with a roller or brush to the bed floor and sides. It has an adhesive back that molds to the truck so no debris or water can get under it.

Similar to a brush on line, there are also spray liners. The main difference is that you spray these on instead of brush them on. A high pressure spray gun is used to apply it.

Talk with your auto dealership for more information about wrapping your truck. They can also give you more information about truck bed liners. If not, talk with a bed liner company like Jack's Bumpers so you can decide if it is right for you.

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