2 Garage Door Materials To Consider And The Benefits They Can Provide

Picking out a new garage door can often be a bit tricky because it can be hard to determine which material would provide you with the most benefit for your money, mostly because every garage door material offers a different and unique set of benefits. Listed below are two garage door materials that you should consider and their benefits so that you can narrow down the number of options a bit.


One of the most important concerns for many people when it comes to picking out a garage door is durability. This is due to the fact that the garage door will often be subjected to a lot of abuse over the years from the elements and your family playing or working in the driveway. Steel is a good choice in this regard as it will take a very heavy impact to actually dent or damage a steel door. 

In addition, the elements are not really going to affect a steel door due to the sealant that is applied when the door is manufactured. However, if your door does end up getting scratched, you will want to seal the scratch as soon as possible because the scratch opens the bare metal up to moisture.

Once that happens, corrosion can occur and spread throughout the door quickly. Aside from resealing scratches, these doors will not require very much maintenance beyond spraying dirt and debris off of it from time to time. 


Finally, aluminum is probably the best material available if you need something that is somewhat light. The problem with solid wood or steel doors is that they are usually so heavy that you cannot use them for a two-car garage without having to spend a substantial amount of money upgrading the motor that opens your garage door in order to have the necessary power to open the door. In some cases, these materials are heavy enough that you still might have to upgrade the motor even if you have a single-car garage or be prepared to spend money on repairs as the weight puts a lot of strain on the opener.

However, aluminum is light enough that it can be used on two-car garages with no upgrades needed. In addition, aluminum is recyclable, which is great for the environment as you can simply have the door recycled when it is time to replace it rather than having it take up space at a dump.

Contact a garage door installer or dealer today, like http://shankdoor.com, to discuss which materials would be the best fit for your home, budget, and particular needs. Steel and aluminum doors are both popular options that can benefit you in a variety of ways.

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