Why Are The Sprinklers On In The Rain? 3 Reasons Why Your New Sprinkler System Needs A Rain Sensor

If you're about to have a sprinkler system installed in your yard, you probably want to get all the bells and whistles. You've planned for the timer and the proper sprinkler heads for each area of your yard. However, have you planned for the rain? If you haven't, you're probably going to find yourself running out to turn the sprinklers off each time it rains. Luckily, there's a simple way to avoid that frustration. All you have to do is have rain sensors installed with your sprinkler system. Rain sensors will shut your sprinklers off as soon as it starts to rain. Here are three reasons why you should include rain sensors with your new sprinklers.

They'll Save You Time and Money

If your sprinklers are watering the lawn during a rain storm, you're wasting time and money. When your sprinklers start during a rain storm, you probably run out to turn them off. That's time that you could be doing something else. Not only that but, each time your sprinklers run when they don't need to, your water bill is increasing. Over time, those unnecessary watering cycles could add a considerable amount of money to your water bills. By installing a rain sensor with your sprinkler system, you'll save money on your water bill.

They'll Conserve Water

If you live in an area affected by the drought, you know how valuable water is. If your sprinklers are running through a full cycle while it's raining, you're wasting a precious commodity. If all the sprinkler systems in the neighborhood are running during the rain storm, that's a lot of wasted water. Set the example for water conservation by installing a rain sensor with your new sprinkler system. You might just start a neighborhood trend.

They'll Protect Your Lawn

Your lawn needs water for proper growth. However, too much of a good thing can actually be disastrous for your lawn. You might not realize this, but overwatering can lead to disease, which can destroy your lawn. If your lawn is being watered by the sprinklers and the rain on a regular basis, you could be jeopardizing its health. Protect your lawn, and prevent overwatering by having a rain sensor installed.

If you're going to have a sprinkler system installed with your new landscaping, make sure you plan for the rain. Have a rain sensor installed and save time, money, water, and your lawn. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like http://headsupsprinklersva.com/.

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