How To Stay Safe When Ripping Off Old Asphalt Shingles On A Peaked Roof

Ripping the asphalt shingles off of a peaked roof so you can put on new ones is a tough and dangerous job. If you decide to do it yourself at home to save some money on your house maintenance costs, you have to make sure you are properly protected while you are on the roof so you don't fall off and seriously injure yourself or worse. Proper footwear and a harness are the two most important things you can have while working on a roof. Here is a brief guide on the type of footwear and harness you should use to keep yourself safe while ripping off asphalt shingles on a peaked roof.


The layer of wood underneath the asphalt shingles will be, in many cases, very slippery once it is exposed to daylight. You want to make sure you have the right type of shoes on before you start to remove the old roofing. Some of the things you should look for in a good roofing boot is a flat out-sole that allows you to plant your foot as much as possible on the surface of the roof. You want the out-sole to be made out of a non-slippery material like rubber. The sole should also have grooves in it to disperse moisture out from under the boot so a water barrier doesn't get created under your feet. A water barrier will make your boot lose traction with the surface of the wood, kind of like when a car hydroplanes on a water-logged road, and will cause you to slip and fall.

Safety Harness

A disturbing fact is that 34% of fatal construction workers happen to professional roofers. If workers that make a living can easily fall off of a roof, you need to think that there's a chance that you will still fall even with non-slippery boots on your feet. You should always wear a safety harness whenever you get onto your roof to work.

You should use a safety harness that you can strap over your shoulders and down around the upper thigh of your legs. This will keep you from falling out of a strap if you are falling. You also need to use roof anchors so you can secure the harness to it with a piece of rope. The roof anchors go over the peak of the roof and are screwed into place using a drill.

Make sure the rope you are using to tie the harness to the anchor is in good shape and not frayed, and make sure it is rated to hold your weight or more.

Taking a short-cut on safety can have disastrous results. Good shoes and a harness can be the difference between safely ripping the old asphalt shingles off of your roof and getting yourself hurt. For more information, contact a roofing company like American Building & Roofing, Inc.

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