Water Pressure Problems In Your Well? ~ A List Of Potential Culprits

If you have a well and are encountering water pressure issues, it is possible that there is an issue with your well pump. Low pressure is an inconvenience that many well owners do not want to endure too long. This is why it is important to get your well system inspected as soon as you notice pressure problems. Doing so could protect your well system unnecessary damage, and it can keep your water safe to consume. 


If you well pump is damaged, it may be bringing air into your water supply. This is referred to as cavitation. It occurs when an empty air space is present. The air space can be as small as a tiny air bubble, but it can cause noticeable pressure issues. 

Faulty Check Valve

If your check valve is malfunctioning or incorrectly installed, air might discharge from your plumbing fixtures. When this occurs, a suction response is initiated. This can draw air into your well piping and interfere with pressure. 

Electrical Damage

It is a good idea to take a moment and determine if you started to notice pressure issues after a recent storm. This is because it is possible that an electrical interference is the cause of your problem. For example, lightning may have caused your well pump to malfunction. It is possible that it can be repaired, but electrical damage can sometimes render pumps irreparable. 


You might have debris in your system that is causing your pressure problems. Mineral deposits are a common culprit, especially if you have hard water and do not have a water softener. Debris from fixtures can also deteriorate and make its way into the water system and cause blockages. 


As you know, your well pump cycles. You have likely heard it cycle on and off. When the pump cycles off, it is possible for air to enter and impact pressure. Keep in mind that the air has to have an entry point, and it is usually the source of a leak in the system. For example, a crevice or hole in the piping can allow air to enter. 

A well water contractor is the best resource to use to determine why you are experiencing low water pressure. They have numerous tools at their disposal that enable them to check components of wells and diagnose pressure problems. Even if your pressure issues are not consistent, it is a good idea to have the issue checked because it could be a sign that your well water system is deteriorating. Contact a company like T. W. Stanley & Son Well Pump & Plumbing Repair to learn more.

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