Ideas To Make Plain Concrete An Attractive Flooring Solution That Is Affordable

Concrete is a versatile material that you may not think of when you consider flooring. If you need floors that are durable and still affordable, there are many ways you can finish concrete. A protective polished coating, staining and epoxy are all great solutions to make concrete an attractive and affordable flooring solution. Here are some ideas to create attractive flooring using concrete finishing techniques:

1. Polishing Floors to Give Them a Shining Finished Appearance

There is a simple solution to change the look of concrete floors. One of the easiest ways to give your floors a new look is to polish them. A protective coat and polish applied to floors will make them look nice and give them a shine. This is also the most affordable option if you just want to improve floors in areas like a workshop. Polished concrete floors can also be a good choice if you want to have a modern design with an industrial look.

2. Acid Staining to Add Color and Designs to Your Concrete Floors

Acid staining is another option that will give your concrete floors an attractive finish and it is easy to do. Acid stains can be applied to concrete before they are polished. This will make your concrete look like stone or have patterns in it. Concrete stains are available in DIY kits or you can have a professional concrete polishing service apply the stains to concrete for you. Professional services can do more customized design in your floors.

3. Epoxy Surfacing for A Durable Protective Coating for Your Concrete Floors

The surfaces of concrete can also have a durable protective coating with epoxy floor finishes. Epoxy floor coating comes in many different styles. You can use epoxy as a solid clear coating to protect floors. There are also solid colors available to add color to concrete, as well as textured solutions, which can be a good addition to areas like shops and garages where you want to reduce slip hazards. The plastic texture particles added to epoxy will make the flooring more durable.

These are some ideas that can give you durable concrete floors with an attractive finish. If you want to change the look of old concrete floors, contact a concrete polishing service to help give them a shine and other features. Concrete finishes are a durable an affordable solution for any areas that have plain gray concrete. 

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