How To Save On Carpet Installation

Are you going to have new carpet installed in your home? Are you looking for an easy way to make the job even more affordable? Carpet installation is already a very cost-effective home upgrade, but you can make the job even cheaper. This article shows how you can remove everything from your floors, remove the carpet, and clean the floor before the installation team comes to put in your new product. A few hours of work might save you a couple hundred dollars.

Removing the Carpet

Removing your carpet is not difficult or dangerous work, but there is a lot of heavy lifting and bending over involved. You need to be aware of this before you start. You should have one or two helpers to assist you in moving the furniture out of the room, and then with lifting and carrying the old carpet out of the house.

Getting the carpet up off the floor is easy, but you might struggle to find and edge that you can start to pull up. If the edges are buried under the baseboard, you can often dig them out with a flat head screwdriver or small pry bar. Once you have an edge pulled up that you can grip by hand, you basically just need to forcefully lift it up. Make sure you are wearing protective gloves because the carpet fibers can be very rough on your hands. In large rooms you might need to cut the carpet into smaller strips before you roll it up, just so it is not too heavy to carry out of the house. A box cutter can easily cut through the carpet base.

Removing the Grippers

Along the edges of your wall there will be rows of wood strips with small tacks sticking up. These strips, usually called carpet grippers, are nail to the subfloor. Removing the carpet grippers might be harder than removing the actual carpet. You will need a hammer and a couple of chisels (thick flat head screwdrivers can work too). Hammer the chisels underneath the strips as near to the nails as possible, and then pry up to pop the wood off of the subfloor. This might be very easy, but it might take all of your strength and a lot of prying.

Once all of the carpet grippers are off of the floor, you just need to clean it thoroughly. There will be a lot of debris from the wood strips. You can now get a better deal on your carpet installation.

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