Three Inspections You May Need To Have On Your New Home Purchase If It Has Not Been Inhabited In Years

When you move into a home that has not been inhabited in a long time, there are many inspections that need to be done to ensure that it is habitable. It is often required to have the necessary inspections done before you move your family in, and failure to follow the laws that are in place could lead to you having to pay fines or even getting cited. The following guide walks you through a few common inspections that need to be done to a home that has sat vacant for numerous years.

An HVAC Inspection

Before your family can move in, the HVAC unit must be thoroughly inspected. This is to make sure that the unit is not leaking Freon and that there are no animals living in the ducts. Animals will sometimes take refuge in duct work because it is a small space that is difficult for larger predators to get into. If any animals are found, animal control will have to be called to remove them.

A Plumbing Inspection

Before the water can be turned on, a few different inspections will have to be done. The pipes, water heaters, and all appliances will need to be inspected to make sure that they are properly intact. The sewer lines leading to the house will also need to be inspected to ensure that they are still properly connected, that nothing is blocking them, and that they are still hooked up to the house. A video sewer inspection may need to be done if someone can not easily get a view of the pipes without the camera.

A Foundation Inspection

Depending on where the house is located, you may need to get a foundation inspection before your family can move into the house. A foundation inspection checks to make sure that the foundation is level, that it is not crumbling anywhere, and that there are no cracks that need to be repaired. Damage to a foundation can occur during an earthquake or from shrink swell in the land the house sits on. If a foundation is not repaired, the entire house could crumble because of the poor foundation.

Once all of the inspections are complete, you will be able to rest assured that you are moving your family into a safe home. You can often have all of the inspections done at one time to save time because they often do not interfere with one another.

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