Your Garage Door Might Be Repairable After You Crash Into It

Running into your garage door seems like an unlikely accident, yet it happens all the time. You might slide on ice and crash into the door, or you may back out of the garage while the door is still down. Before you assume the door is a total loss or that you'll have to put up with a dented door, call a garage door repair service to have it inspected. Repairs might be possible and you'll save money by replacing the door. Here are some things the service might be able to repair.

Dents And Cracks

If you have an aluminum or steel door that's dented as a result of the crash, the repair service might be able to pop the dent back out so the surface of your door is smooth again. A wood door that's cracked might need new wood panels replaced or the wood might be repairable by filling in the chipped area and sanding it down smooth. A cracked vinyl panel might need to be replaced. It all depends on the severity of the dent or crack and where it is located on the door.

Bent Track

Hitting the door can also cause the track to bend or completely twist out of place. When the track isn't aligned properly, your door won't go up or down, so you'll want repairs as soon as possible. It might be possible to straighten the track and replace any screws that were broken loose so the track is held back in place. If these repairs are done, the track will be tested thoroughly afterward to make sure it glides up and down with no obstructions or sticky areas. Also, a bent track can allow the rollers to jump out when the door moves, so checking that the door doesn't jump out of the track is important too.

Surface Scratches

If you're lucky, the only damage you'll see after the accident is a few scratches on the garage door. If the door still operates as it should, you may decide to put up with the scratches until it is convenient to have them fixed. Scratches would probably be less noticeable on a vinyl door since the color is uniform throughout, but they can be unsightly on wood and metal. Wood scratches might be filled in and stained so they blend in with the wood. Metal scratches should be repaired because rain might cause the steel to rust and you don't want rust to spread on your door.

Other repairs may be necessary too depending on the nature of the accident. The safety sensors may need to be aligned, or your door may just need to be checked for safe operation. If repairing the door is an option, you'll save money, but you don't want to sacrifice safety. Sometimes, putting in a new door after a crash could be necessary. Click here to find out more about garage doors. 

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