Tips For Securing Your Thrift Store With Commercial Fencing

If your thrift store is having problems with people making unwanted after-hours donations that are making a mess and leading to theft issues, then installing commercial fencing is the best way to secure your store. If you have never purchased security fencing previously, then these tips will help you:

Tip: Check Your Local Building Codes

Before you start shopping for commercial fencing, first you must give your local building inspector's office a quick call to ask about any local building codes you need to abide by. This call will prevent you from installing a fence that the city doesn't approve of and makes you change or remove.

Tip: Install the Highest Fence Allowable by Building Code

To keep people from easily being able to climb up and over your security fence, you should choose one that is a high as possible. Though someone who can climb over a six-foot fence is also capable of climbing over one that is ten feet tall, the point of the fence is to provide a deterrent and to make it take longer to access your property. For this reason, the taller the fence the better.

Tip: Consider a Curved Spear Style Steel Fence

If you have a small budget for your fencing, then chain-link is the way to go. However, if you have a higher budget or are concerned with aesthetics, a molded aluminum or steel fence is a great option. Aluminum and steel fences can be purchased that have spear points on the top to help deter people from climbing. For further security, opt for fence panels that have the spear tops curving outward. This slight curve makes the fence harder to breach. 

Tip: Pay Special Attention to the Fence's Gate

When you are shopping for the new fence to keep your thrift store secure at night, make sure you pay special attention to its gate. Gates are one of the weakest areas of fence security and should be just as secure as the rest of the fence when you are away. Choose a gate that locks with a key and avoid using locks and chains that can be easily cut with bolt cutters.

Tip: Clear Brush and Trees from the Installation Area

Finally, before you install your new security fence, clear away all of the brush and any overhanging tree branches from the installation area. The fence line should be clear of obstructions and vegetation that could help someone conceal themselves or assist them with climbing your fence.

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