A Look At Less Commonly Recycled Metals

As an industrial or commercial business owner, being kind to the environment where your business waste is concerned is ever-important. Therefore, you probably do take advantage of some recycling services in your area to ensure as much waste as possible goes to be repurposed instead of to the landfill. If you have a lot of metal waste, you likely work with a metal recycling company to eliminate your scrap as it is produced. However, while you may primarily focus on recycling things like steel and copper, other metals are just as easily recyclable. Take a look at some of the less commonly recycled metals. 

Cast Iron Metal Pieces

One of the heaviest and most dense forms of metal, cast iron is often overlooked as a metal at all because it is so much different than a lot of other types of metals. However, cast iron is actually highly recyclable even though it is a much different consistency than a lot of other metals. If you have cast iron automobile parts, fixtures, and pieces, make sure you gather these for the metal recycling bin. Recycling these cast iron items will reduce the weight of your regular waste to keep regular trash pickup costs lower. 

Tin Metal Pieces

Tin is one of the least valuable forms of recyclable metal, but it is definitely worth recycling to keep this non-ferrous metal out of dumpsters and landfills, because it is also one of the most abundant and readily found in just about any business. Tin metal sheet pieces, tin cans, and tin hardware fasteners are pretty common types of waste that can come from a commercial or industrial facility. 

Brass Metal Pieces

If you have a manufacturing company and have brass waste, even tiny shreds and pieces, you should know that even this is recyclable. In fact, brass can actually be a valuable metal for recycling because it is not quite as common as other metals, so some metal recyclers will pay you to pick it up. Brass can be found in a lot of different forms, from thin sheets and small wires or electrical components to thick and heavy pieces often found in machinery. 

Overall, the more metal your business recycles, the more focused you will feel on green initiatives. Reach out to a metal recycling company for more information about the types of metal that they are interested in picking up for recycling. 

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