Proper Equipment You Will Need When Using Spray Foam Insulation

If you are adding more insulation to your home's walls and attic, you should consider spray foam insulation. It is very effective at raising the R-value of the insulation in your home, and it is very easy to install, too. Here are some safety tips as well as the equipment you will need to install spray foam insulation.

​AVOID Inhaling Any of the Particles of Insulation

​Spray foam insulation does not typically contain fiberglass, but you still should not inhale it accidentally. Because this type of insulation is very loose and tends to fly around slightly when blown, you will want to cover your nose and mouth. A mask, often used by spray painters, filters clean air into your nose and mouth and helps keep the insulation fibers from being inhaled. Buy a high-quality, NiOSH-approved ventilation mask to wear when installing and handling this type of installation. 

Use Gloves to Load the Bales

​A very special type of blower loads the "bales" of foam insulation and then sprays them through a long hose and nozzle into the spaces where you want to add more insulation. These fibers are very soft in appearance, but they can stick to your hands and skin via the small hairs all over your body. To avoid having to wash your hands regularly when dealing with the "bales" of insulation, don a good pair of work gloves. The insulation fibers may stick slightly to the gloves, but at least they will not stick to you.

​Rent an Insulation Blower

​This is a special piece of equipment. It looks something like a large shop vac, except instead of sucking up debris or fibers, it spits them out from whatever is inside the machine. The "bales" of foam insulation go into the blower's "hopper" and then the machine spins the fibers around inside before ejecting them through the hose and nozzle.

Keep the machine off until the nozzle is pointed in the direction where you want to add more insulation. Otherwise, you will have a very large mess to clean up when you turn the machine on and the hose/nozzle are laying on the floor. Most construction equipment rental locations will have these blowers for rent. 

​Plastic Tarps for Blocking off Rooms

​Use plastic tarps to seal off doors. Sealing off the doors to a room prevents any sort of drafts that could cause foam insulation fibers to travel through the room. The tarps also prevent the insulation from leaving the room and entering parts of the house where the insulation might cause health issues for everyone else in the home.

For more information about spray foam insulation, talk to a contractor in your area today.

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