Deciding Between Vinyl And Fiber Cement For Your Home's New Siding

You have several options when choosing new siding for your home. You may have eliminated wood due to the amount of maintenance it needs, and aluminum because of its looks and poor insulating ability. That leaves a choice between vinyl and fiber cement. Here's why vinyl could be your best choice.

Vinyl Is Durable

While fiber cement is better protection against flames, vinyl is more durable in other situations. Fiber cement can soak up water from rain and that can lead to rotting which wears out the siding faster. Fiber cement is also prone to cracking while vinyl has some flexibility so it doesn't crack as easily. Vinyl isn't damaged by rain and it's treated for protection against UV rays. It can expand and contract without cracking, so it's a good type of siding for all seasons that may experience temperature swings.

Vinyl Siding Is Low Maintenance

You don't paint vinyl siding so that eliminates some upkeep chores that are necessary with fiber cement. Fiber cement has to be painted every few years or the paint will peel and look ugly. Plus, the siding has to be caulked occasionally to keep rain out. Vinyl siding doesn't need to be caulked and since the siding is so durable, it won't need many repairs. Instead, routine maintenance consists of washing the siding with a hose or power washer to keep it in good shape for years. Another advantage of vinyl siding is that it is easy for you to change out a panel if it is damaged by a storm hurling debris against the house. Fiber cement is much more difficult to work with and you can damage it if you try, so repairs may need to be done by a professional.

Vinyl Takes On Many Looks

A great thing about vinyl siding is that it has so many different looks, you're certain to find the one you want. This allows you to have siding that looks like wood if you want, but it won't have any of the maintenance requirements of wood. Vinyl siding comes in many colors and different textures so it might look like cedar shakes or stone siding.

Vinyl siding is a good choice and it's one of the most popular sidings used today. Talk to a siding contractor about all your siding choices and the many options available in vinyl. When compared against fiber cement, you'll want to think about maintenance needed, cost, insulating ability, durability, lifespan, and appearance. You may decide that vinyl is the right choice for your home.

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