Remodeling Your Kitchen? 3 Things To Know About Base Cabinets

When it comes to the cabinets in your kitchen, there are two different primary types of cabinets: base cabinets and wall cabinets. Base cabinets are the cabinets that sit on the floor of your kitchen, and wall cabinets are the ones that are elevated and attached to the wall of your kitchen. When choosing base cabinets for your kitchen, it is important to understand the function and purpose of base cabinets.

Base Cabinets Are Designed to Hold Up Other Important Kitchen Essentials

Base cabinets don't just get their name because they rest on the ground. They get their name because they are designed to hold up and support many of the important elements in your kitchen.

They are designed to support your kitchen countertops. Kitchen countertops are heavy and need a solid base under them to function. All the sinks in your kitchen will be held in place with your base cabinets, as well as other appliances, such as your dishwasher and oven. Base counters need to be strong because they are designed to support other elements of your kitchen.

Base Cabinets Dictate Your Floor Plan

Next, base cabinets play a large role in the floor plan of your kitchen. Where you put your cabinets determines the flow of your kitchen, as they are placed on the ground. Other elements, such as your fridge, also have the same impact on your floor plan.

You need to carefully plan out where your cabinets go and think about what it will be like to walk around your kitchen. Make sure you leave enough room between your cabinets so you can open the doors on cabinets that are located opposite one another and so that you can easily work in your kitchen.

Base Cabinets Provide the Storage for Your Kitchen

Although you can and will put items in your wall cabinets, the base cabinets in your kitchen are generally the primary storage spots in your kitchen. Base cabinets are the best storage spaces for pots and pans, cleaning tools, and some of your food items.

As you design your custom cabinets, think carefully about what you want to put inside the cabinets. If you know what you want to put inside the cabinets, you can customer the storage space so that you can easily store those items.

Base cabinets are the core of your kitchen. Make sure you choose strong materials and construction for your base cabinets. Design the cabinets to accommodate your personal storage needs and think carefully about how your base cabinet placement will impact your floor plan. For additional information, contact companies like Gerald L Scott Custom Cabinetry.

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