Troubleshooting Tips For An Inoperable Gate

An automatic gate is supposed to provide you with both convenience and security, but both are compromised when the gate fails to work properly. Not only is it an inconvenience to manually operate a gate, but it also requires that you get out of the car and put yourself at risk. The alternative, leaving the gate open, can put your entire property at risk for intruders. The following guide can help you troubleshoot the gate to see if it is something you can fix quickly on your own.

Try an Alternative Entrance Control

Often, the problem isn't with the gate mechanism and motor, but with your entrance control device. If you typically use a remote control to open the gate, attempt to open it with the key or scan pad instead. If the gate opens properly, you likely need to replace the batteries in the remote or replace the remote entirely. If it's the keypad that isn't working, then attempt to open it with a remote. Keypads can short out, requiring replacement. Knowing that an entrance control alternative is available can at least allow you to operate the gate until you get the remote or keypad repaired.

Verify Power to the Gate

There are many things that can interrupt the power flowing to the gate. If the gate is hardwired into your home's power grid, then start by checking the circuit breaker it is on to make sure it is switched on. For gates that are plugged into an exterior outlet, unplug the gate and plug in a light or fan to see if it operates. If it doesn't, your power supply may need to be rewired. You can also check the power supply with an electrical meter if you have one on hand.

Inspect for Track and Hinge Issues

Sliding gates operate on a track that can become warped or damaged. Often you get a warning that problems are imminent because the gate starts to produce a loud and squeaky noise in the weeks preceding the gate failure. Leaf debris, twigs, and other materials can also get into the track but cleaning them out should fix operation issues. With swinging gates, rusty or broken hinges can put a halt to gate operation. While you may be able to clean up rust on your own, warped tracks and broken hinges require a service call.

For more help, contact a gate repair and replacement service in your area.

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