Why Your Company Should Hire a Disabled Veteran Construction Firm

Does your company have a new construction project in the works? Maybe you are putting up a new building or doing a major addition to an existing one. One of your biggest decisions you'll have to make early on in the process is deciding which local construction firm to hire to help you with the project. While there are obviously multiple choices out there, there's one particular kind of construction firm you might want to take a close look at. Here's why hiring a disabled veteran business enterprise construction firm might be the way to go for your own business.

 Disabled Doesn't Mean They Are Any Less Professional

Let's get a sensitive subject out of the way first and foremost. When people see companies advertising themselves as a business owned or operated by a "disabled veteran," the first thought might be whether or not that "disabled" part could lead to lower than ideal efficiency or production. But that's simply not the case. Getting disabled on the battlefield does not mean someone is suddenly incapable of completing basic tasks as a civilian. Keep in mind that while the construction firm's owner might be a disabled vet, he or she will likely have hired numerous employees who have no disability at all.

It's a Great Way for Your Company to Show Your Patriotism

If your company takes great pride in using American suppliers and doing business with other American companies, there is no better way to show your patriotism than to award your construction contract to a company owned or operated by a disabled vet. You can get the construction you need completed while also giving back to someone who stood up for your rights as an American. 

Hiring disabled veterans to do construction for you could also play well from a public relations perspective. You could put out a press release announcing that your new construction project is being completed by a disabled vet's firm. Many Americans are appreciative of businesses that support the troops, and you might see some additional good press or business coming your way as a result.

There Could Be a Tax Credit Involved

The exact amount of money you receive will depend on who exactly you hire and for what specific kind of project, but both the federal government and some states offer tax credits and other incentives for businesses that put disabled veterans to work. This means you can put your new building up with fewer total expenses in the end.

Contact a disabled veteran construction firm in your area like Traxx Construction for more information.

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