4 Custom Home Building Trends to Watch

Hiring a crew of home builders and rolling out some custom plans is a great way to put your stamp on a residence. It's worth looking at some of the emerging trends in the world of custom home builders before you move forward with a project. These four trends are worth a long look.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Whether your impulse is driven by a desire to save money or be a good steward of the planet, there are plenty of reasons to embrace these ideas. Materials choices can be built around making sure you're not extracting more than can be put by, such as focusing on using timber from certified sustainable logging operations.

Similarly, efficient solutions can be employed to reduce water, electric, heating, and cooling bills. Right down to the windows and doors you choose to install, there are many ways to be economical and eco-friendly.

Open Floor Plans

Walls have become passé. Opening things up comes with lots of opportunities. For example, you can have an open design that allows you to place an island between the kitchen and the dining room. People can see each other and talk, promoting socialization. Likewise, the open-plan lets the entire space in the home breathe.

Blurring the Line Between Outside and Inside

Outdoor living is a trend that has been coming on for a while. Increasingly, though, the trend has moved toward blurring the line between outside and inside. Patios and porches are frequently screened in, and many folks even have lighting and electrical systems wired up to keep things going. Gas for outdoor cooking sets is also a big deal these days.


For a lot of folks, life just isn't worth the bother if the internet connection is down. This means wiring a house for ethernet, RG-6, and fiber optic cables to provide access points across the building. Many homeowners are also careful to avoid using metals near living spaces in order to prevent interference with Wi-Fi signals.

Smart home technology is a big deal, too. You can integrate controls for all of the utilities in your house into a single package that's controlled by a phone app and even a voice assistant. These setups are also frequently designed to work remotely using the onboard assistants that many cars have.

Remember, this is a great chance to solve problems. Custom home builders can help you get out in front of issues with a little extra planning.

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Hiring a crew of home builders and rolling out some custom plans is a great way to put your stamp on a residence. It's worth looking at some of the em

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