3 Signs It Is Time To Plan For A New Roof

It is important to know when your roof is no longer functioning as it should, so you can plan responsibly to replace it. When it comes to replacing your roof, there are a few warning signs that will let you know you need to start looking for a contractor.

Sign #1: The Age of Your Roof

One of the most important factors is the age of your roof, along with the roofing material. Metal roofs tend to have long lifespans, as do tile ones. However, if you have a normal shingled structure, once your roof passes about two decades in age, you are living on borrowed time. Most types of shingles can last up to two decades.

Depending on the conditions in your area, their lifespan maybe a little less or a little more than that. But once you know that the two-decade mark is approaching, you need to start saving for a new roof.

Sign #2: Lots of Damaged Shingles

You may have to replace a few shingles here or there that seem to wear out quicker than the rest of your shingles, or that get damaged in severe weather. Overall though, the shingles should wear at about the same rate.

If you start to notice that a large number of your shingles are cupping or curling up, or that the top layer of the shingles is almost completely worn away, those are strong signs that the shingles have started to deteriorate to the point where they are not really protecting your home anymore.

Sign #3: The Roof is Sagging

When you look at your roof, you should notice a strong line. That strong line indicated that the decking under your roof is solid and strong. If when you look upward, instead you notice that it seems to be sagging, that is a serious sign that the decking, also called the sheathing, has started to decay. The sheathing is the plywood that makes up the base of your roof.

Sign #4: Interior Leaks

Sometimes, a leak can be really localized and due to damage to your roof, or the need for more sealant around an obstruction on your roof. However, if you start to have multiple leaks into your home, that means your roof is no longer keeping the water out. You don't ever want water to leak into your home; water can cause lots of damage that can easily hide for a while before you recognize it.

If you notice you have lots of damaged shingles, your roof is sagging, or you are experiencing lots of internal leaks combined with old age, you are going to want to start saving for a new roof, and you are going to want to find a roofing contractor like Toth Roofing to work on your home.

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