How You Know Your Home's Exterior Stucco Is Damaged and Needs Repairs

Stucco is one of the most popular materials that people use for siding. The material comes from aggregates, a binding element, and water. The contractors usually apply the stucco when wet, and as it cures, it hardens. Stucco is a cheaper siding material than brick and other options, and it is also excellent for decorating ceilings and house exteriors. Your home will have better curb appeal when you invest in a superior quality stucco coating. 

However, with time and constant exposure to the harsh weather elements, your stucco will start wearing out. It is crucial to get a professional to assess the damage and make appropriate repairs. Here are three ways you can tell when you need stucco repairs.

When It Suffers Water Damage

Water can be very destructive to stucco. The worst bit about the damage is that it is often hidden, and if you are not keen, a lot of damage will happen before you know it. Some of the early tell-tale signs of the damage include brown streaks and discoloration on the exterior walls. 

The stains typically start appearing under the windows and the intersection between the wall and the roof. The best way to deal with the water damage on the stucco is by first controlling the cause of the damage and repairing the stucco later. 

When It Gets Cosmetic Damages

Properly installed stucco can last for decades. However, this does not mean that it will be without damages. With time, you will notice little cracks on the stucco surface and loose bits of the material. Cosmetic damages are easy to repair, primarily because there is no significant underlying problem. It would help if you kept re-applying the coating every time you see that it's aging. 

If the Stucco Was Incorrectly Installed

Poor installation is another common reason why your stucco siding could be failing. You will know the professional installed the stucco poorly when you have cracks on the foam trim. The traditional joint compound cannot fix the damage because it will still disintegrate again. The best solution to the problem is to have a professional assess it. The contractor will determine whether to repair the stucco, remove and re-install it or get another suitable solution for the problem.

The crucial thing is finding a competent siding contractor to assess your stucco condition and decide whether you should repair or replace it. They will help you have secure and beautiful siding for decades.

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